something that has happened to me a lot
person 1: omg are you ok are you about to pass out

person 2: passes out

person2: its ok passing out is a regular thing for me
by brook;)) December 1, 2020
you're extremely tired, so you need to pass out right abut now.
I should be passing out right now .
by ktx3 December 29, 2009
to become unconscious; to faint
We all saw Theo pass out when he accidentally sat on his own testicles.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
To nod off or fall asleep, usually briefly, without intention or warning.
I was so exhausted that I had to pass out for about 20 minutes when I came home.
by The S August 21, 2016
Passing out is when you lose consciousness when you got real drunk
Oh my god, I passed out after we drunk that last bottle of vodka together
by Cedric C. September 26, 2007
1. To be in a state of near or virtual unconsciousness as achieved through the excessive use of intoxicating substances, esp. alcohol.

2. To greatly resemble rapper 'Tinie Tempah' in appearance.
1. Emily blew several raspberries on the cheek of her companion as well as stuck her index finger up her friend's nose, but Shannen failed to respond as she was about to Pass Out.

2. "Woah - look at that dude's bling - he's such a Pass Out!"
by AwesomeChickWho'sAwesome August 21, 2011
The pain was so intense I thought I was going to pass out.
by Ayzmo February 16, 2006