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The most sweet and sesitive man you will ever meet. His heart is so big, sometimes he doesn't know quite what to do with it. He is beauiful inside and out. underneath his ruggid figure, his heart is huge. If you fall in love with a Joe, don't ever let him go. he just might not come back. Dont ever break his heart. He is to fragile. He doesn't care much for play fighting. Josephs always give the best hugs, you know you are safe when you are in his arms. You don't have to even meet him to know he is the one for you. Unsure of himself at times. Knows what he wants and goes after it. Hard to read his mind, but not afraid to share it. Always protects the ones he loves. Will do great things with his life. Probably will even change the world.
"You think your in love?"
"Ya I caught Joe"
by sunshine2123 February 07, 2010
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The perfect guy who can make you feel like you're the only person in the universe. He showers you with compliments and truly means what he says. His voice gives you that warm, tingly feeling you can't shake every time you hear it. Every time he tells you he loves you, you can't stop smiling. He's completely honest about everything and won't lie to you for any reason, though he can keep your secrets and won't tell anyone. He's extremely protective and won't let any other guy get near you. He knows how to make you smile even when you're sad. When it's just you and him, everything just seems perfect. Every time you're away from him, all you can think about is him, and how much you miss him. Nothing else is more important. He's the perfect guy, and I'm so glad he's mine.
Random Stranger: Hey, do you know Joe?
Me: Yeah, he's mine, BACK OFF!!
by Kirawolfie June 21, 2012
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Has a HUGE Penis

It’s just magical
It will change your life

Just take it
You won’t rgret it

The best move I ever made

I would do anything to meet him again

Don’t lose your opportunity to be with a joe
It’s an AMAZING experience!
Wow, last night me and this guy joe did it and it was GR8
by Sam.wooten. August 22, 2018
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He can be a bit of a dick. Don't get into an argument with Joe, he will use sarcasm and his cynical attitude against you. Don't mock him, he's sensitive.
"I am perfectly average height thank you very much!"

"Don't be such a Joe about it"
by fuzzball123 January 10, 2013
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An unbelievably amazing man, who is extremely trustworthy and irresistible. Is always there for you when you need him. A genuinely kind person that once you get, you should never let go.
you are with a Joe? wow don't fuck it up!
by savy December 20, 2012
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The most amazing human you will ever meet. He will change your life for ever, for the better as well. He loves to play video games, but you find it super attractive. He has these deep set eyes that stare into your soul when looking at them, and make you shiver with a shear look. Also he's really good in bed but only with some
Girls. Oh and joe's are typically very sensitive, but have a darker side to them. They typically don't have the player status but want it more than anything else. If you have a joe, keep him. You will be the luckiest person in the world.
by Ilovehimbutdoesheloveme? April 06, 2017
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