Bill: I am currently very highly inebriated, my good sir.
Ted: Yeah, I'm pretty drunk myself.
by Dano Magnum June 9, 2007
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A word used to pseudo-impress drunk (and/or loose) women. If you use this word to describe your state of mind while drunk you are: a) too drunk, b) not drunk enough, or c) in the midst of a freestyle battle struggling to find a word to rhyme with... any number of things.
After this next triple of whisky, I will surely be too inebriated to use the word 'inebriated' in a proper sentence.
by coreLogic November 22, 2013
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Drunk as fuck.
See drunk, bombed, smashed, shitfaced, irish.
I was so inebriated, I'd fuck Kif.
by shroom. December 13, 2003
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why, fellow schoolmates, let us enjoy ourselves and get rather inebriated on the weekend
by ;)Doors Fan 0069 October 28, 2003
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so completely gone that you decide its a glorious idea to get on stage and sing. and dance a little. and you think you are way hot until you see the pictures the morning after.
im a fuckin rockstar! look at everyone looking at me..i fucking rule right now.
by decadence February 1, 2005
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Man, that whino was so inebriated, he got his shirt all puke-stained.
hahahah, whinos.
by albinowhino December 11, 2003
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