Screwed, Fucked, Caught, Dead, in process of or about to be killed
*Bender:Are we boned? .... Leela: Ya we're boned

*Oh if i dont get this done i'm boned

*yup he's boned
by Angel Of Fire 34 October 28, 2003
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basically a term for a male having intercouse (non-oral) with another person ;)
james: so you went out with lateesha last night yeah?
adam: yeah it was mad, bruvaa we totally boned
james: fuck yeah! congrats
by mistereee October 19, 2012
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1. An undesirable situation in which no solution is viable.
2. The state or quality of being post coitus.
Upon discovering the hooker John had just boned had both the clap, herpes and was his wife's long lost sister, he proclaimed "I'm boned!".
by xtreemchikin July 11, 2008
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1) to fuck
2) to tweak a grab in snowboarding, so your body is fully extended.
i boned my gf six times last night

i stuck a sick boned out stalefish yesterday.
by watch out May 19, 2004
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To be heavily under the influence of marijuana. The word is an amalgamation of the conventional terms "baked" and "stoned." Likely a result of a high person getting the two confused.
"Dude, I was so boned that I couldn't shit cause it felt weird."
by peteskeetskeet October 20, 2011
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v. tr.
"You got boned!" It's like you got served or you got owned, and usually accompanied by a hand gesture where you jerk the "thumbs up" gesture quickly upwards and slap down on your right bicep with your left hand, mimicking a "boning" motion.
"You just got boned, dude!" (plus "boning" hand gesture")
by Schnei October 15, 2005
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1. In trouble
2. Out of luck
3. In a less-than-desirable sexual encounter or situation
4. Having a bull's horn halfway up inside your penetrated calf. And by calf, I mean not his baby, but what is between your foot and knee.
Why did they amputate my leg? Because I was boned. Yea, some bull pierced my leg with his horn. Turns out he had rubbed his horn all over a bunch of cow pies earlier that day. Gave me gangrene.
by Beto el guapo March 28, 2008
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