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the act of being so drunk that your floating somewhere between hammered and fucked aka boned.
dude 20 bucks says shes gonna be hamboned after that funnel of wine

we might be drunk but hes sooo hamboned right now he cant even figure out the concept of shoes right now
by liquid524 December 04, 2009
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When someone farts on or near your balls/vagina and the resulting movement of air tickles your balls / vagina.
" Yeah it was crazy. I was big spoon,she was little spoon and passed out. And I was falling asleep but then she fart tickled me and I couldn't help but be aroused. Is that weird?"

"Right in the middle of the lapdance she fartickled me! so I took the $20 out of her c-string and stormed out."
by Liquid524 January 17, 2013
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the act of drinking to the point that you should have gone to the hospital or gotten alcohol poisoning. getting waste-faceded usually results in a 24-48 hour long hangover and not remembering what happened once you started drinking
yeah my drunk scale goes tipsy, fuzzy, buzzing, drunkish, drunk, sloshed, hammered, swasted, hamboned, waste-faceded.

he drank a 1.75 of 100 proof soco in 4 hours and was so waste-faceded that he woke up in a staircase on the other side of campus!
by liquid524 December 04, 2009
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