Mordecai's best friend on the tv show Regular Show.
He is funny, annoying, and very cute.
Boy:Did you see what happend with Rigby on the Regular Show Last Night?

Boy's Sister:You know I don't watch that crap.

Boy: You suck.
by thepsycosidekick September 11, 2012
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Tickling the undercarriage of the scrotum with two or more fingers
John would you like a Rigby 🤏🍒
by November 21, 2020
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rigby come here rigby! good boy

and yes this is acualy my dogs name
by ilovedan_and_phil February 11, 2018
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a man in possession of a foot-long schlong which may be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.
Word spread quickly around the college that Patrick had a rigby, however this proved to be unsubstantiated rumour.
by adolfkitler February 28, 2010
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Usual associated with rugby and rock, this person is very good at new years Heave and listening to greenday and other such rocker porn they use the words awesome and dude excesivly.
person 1: Arghhh did you see (name) the other night?
Person 2: Haha, yeah dude he was a right Rigby
by Balamkadar January 3, 2011
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A cunt guzzling, hole plugging hairy mammal, who gets its energy from forms of hibernation and excruciating amounts of rabbit fucking.
Could you please stop being a Rigby for a second and show me affection babe.
by Klaykarti May 25, 2020
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Coolest kid in America. He has lots of money from his parents and a place down back east and west and north and two more north and a few back east. He loves cars that have a seven digit $ price. Go's to the best school in the world. Super strong and cool brother too.
Cool Rigbyli
by Ollyduck January 15, 2010
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