A Hambone is a term used to describe a Fat Jelly-ass who lives off welfare, is overweight and contributes nothing to society.
Ghost: The reason I made the hambone movement is so you idiots can go out and call fatasses hambones all across the world out here.
by stressed twilight sparkle October 15, 2011
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Term given to male college students who are jocks, gym-rats, beer-drinkers or business majors. They generally attend frat parties and always wear a collared shirt tuck neatly into thier pants. Hambones will engage in debates with other hambones that consist of "which are the best Dave Matthews Band lyrics" or the cheapest place to buy a "30-rack of Pabst Blue Ribbon." You can spot hambones driving Jeep wranglers and at the gym discussing with their hambone buddies about the girl they hooked up with the night before.
Dude, lets go the frat party, they'll be other hambones there and they have a beer pong table.
by Jeff February 19, 2005
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tis a bone, from a the animal known as ham
You know it, hambone.
by nichesuperhero June 30, 2016
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Four strikes in a row during a 10 pin bowling tournament. Started as a catch phrase by ESPN announcer Rob Stone, it has turned into a bona-fide term for four strikes much like Turkey is the bowling term for three strikes in a row.
As Mike Edwards threw his 4th strike in a row, the crowd yelled "Hambone"!
by Samantha Mulligan February 27, 2008
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The classic class of male from the late 90's who still thinks that highlighting his hair, shaving his entire body, wearing polos and necklaces, or using excessive amounts of hair gel is still cool. They're often found in gyms. Sometimes they can be used as a footstool after 5 PM. They are often "dude wasted", and give bro-grabs to other hambones.

Hambones become "s-bones" after picking up an STD, not limited, but usually including, mouf herps.
The hambone lost in an obedience contest with a Golden Retriever, which involved difficult commands such as 'sit', 'stay', and 'talk'.
by jjusaaaack February 10, 2009
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Southern usa slang for penis.
"I'M goin down south get my HAMBONE boiled,these women uo north done made it spoiled." (FROM BLUES SINGER HAMBONE WILLIE NEWBURN)
by lowdown November 18, 2004
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one who wipes there ass with baby wipes, wears von dutch with perfectly waxed hair and uses expressions like "dude i was so drunk last night" while only drinkin minimal amounts.
Zack Dietrich hamboned it up when he said "sure ill come for a walk wit you guys"
by john london October 21, 2004
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