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A Hambone is a term used to describe a Fat Jelly-ass who lives off welfare, is overweight and contributes nothing to society.
Ghost: The reason I made the hambone movement is so you idiots can go out and call fatasses hambones all across the world out here.
by stressed twilight sparkle October 15, 2011
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A rhythmic knee and chest slapping motion; A dance where you make your own music by slapping your "hambone" (outer thigh) {*1} then your chest {*2} and your inner thigh (or top thigh) {*3} on the way back down to make a 3 beat rhythm.
This rhythm was popular amongs Afro-Americans during the slave times and following. It was a common popular dance/music making method. At times it accompanied instruments or dance (such as scat) such as the fiddle or whatever could be attained during the hard times of poverty {Currently nearly non-existing and a lost art of African-American culture}
That ol' boy can slap the hambone som'n funky!!
They was up in the barbershop singin' and doin' the hambone.
by westsan October 02, 2006
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Four consecutive strikes in a game of bowling. One better than a Turkey (three consecutive strikes).

Walter Ray Williams just got a Hambone!
by Rob Stone December 02, 2007
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Four strikes in a row during a 10 pin bowling tournament. Started as a catch phrase by ESPN announcer Rob Stone, it has turned into a bona-fide term for four strikes much like Turkey is the bowling term for three strikes in a row.
As Mike Edwards threw his 4th strike in a row, the crowd yelled "Hambone"!
by Samantha Mulligan February 28, 2008
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Term given to male college students who are jocks, gym-rats, beer-drinkers or business majors. They generally attend frat parties and always wear a collared shirt tuck neatly into thier pants. Hambones will engage in debates with other hambones that consist of "which are the best Dave Matthews Band lyrics" or the cheapest place to buy a "30-rack of Pabst Blue Ribbon." You can spot hambones driving Jeep wranglers and at the gym discussing with their hambone buddies about the girl they hooked up with the night before.
Dude, lets go the frat party, they'll be other hambones there and they have a beer pong table.
by Jeff February 19, 2005
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incessantly, repetitively, compulsively, constantly, continually, all the time, nonstop, without stopping, without a break, around/round the clock, interminably, unremittingly, ceaselessly, endlessly making co-workers lives harder with or without realizing it.

Hambone coming in hot! I guess we're Hamboning it today. Jim's got a Hamboner! Ah man, I just got Hamboned!
by Al Jerry December 04, 2013
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