Adjective to describe something so painfully emotional, and tragic, that your stomach feels knotted. It relates to feelings of guilt, sadness and devastated sympathy.
The really tragic suicide of ten year old Ashlynn Conner, from Illinois, suffering after being bullied, was described as 'gut-wrenching'.
by AliFish January 19, 2012
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A feeling of utter despair from the very depths of your stomach.
You get the "Gut Rench" when for example your girlfriend who you are very fond of leaves you.
by Peter Shuttleworth October 21, 2003
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tool, penis, schlong, wanker, helmet, cock, johnson, etc.
She grabbed a hold of my gut wrench and started stroking....
by buddhablaze January 28, 2003
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A gut wrench is an exceptionally large penis that when used properly can literally reach all the way into a womans gut and wrench them around.
Looks like molly got a gut wrench last night because she can hardly walk without doubling over with pain and saying "damn james" "I want a divorce.
by saharadryhumor January 15, 2015
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Combination Knife, Fork and Spoon issued to Canadian Infantry, carried on webbing in the field.
Make sure you got your gut wrench, because nobody will share theirs !
by Maximus March 13, 2003
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That feeling you get when you put your toothbrush too far into the back of your mouth when you're on the very edge of vomiting where it seems as though someone is torquing your stomach with a wrench, and you manage to hold back the contents of your last meal.
What's wrong with you?
I just took too much while brushing my teeth, resulting in a rather painful gut-wrenching.
That sucks
by RedOmega724 January 16, 2019
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