43 definitions by Maximus

to freestyle (or usually to attempt to do so) with varying degrees of success (usually shitty) to a beat (by chromped up niggas who think they shit)
you say eminem can flow, i say hes a hoe.
by Maximus August 1, 2003
To skull fuck someone (of coarse when you have finished they are dead)
Last night i got my grey wings with sarah louise
by Maximus May 2, 2003
The commonly referred to name of someone that has been caught pirating illegal music or pornography. This person must only be referred to as "ARGH" from this point hence.
"ARGH, ole Alec got caught downloading the porn again"
by Maximus March 2, 2005
Its what alot of people say to bands that have a bigger audience then 1 million, if they MAKE MONEY making their music= sell out :/ while in reality every band in HISTORY started out to make MONEY while playing music.. THAT WAS THE POINT OF STARTING OUT U BIG DUMB SHITS
LImp bizkit sold out , becouse they became popular, while in fact they were just doing what anyone can really do and its play their shit for everyone.
by Maximus March 6, 2004
baby I'm gonna bust your gills!
by Maximus August 6, 2003
shorter term used for "just chillin." or can be used in other verbs.
Jonny: "what are you doing?"
Bob: "you know...jchillin at my house."
by Maximus October 6, 2004
Those life-saving nerds.
I was too drunk to drive, so it's a good thing Poindexter was around to give my sorry ass a lift home.
by Maximus December 21, 2004