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the state of acting whack; to overreact
or to lose yo cool
yo homie, dont trip. we'll get dem bitches next time
by Maximus July 31, 2003

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A devil dog is a member of the United States Marine Corps. It originates from a statement attributed to the German High Command, in remarking on the determinedness of the Marines, to the effect of "Wie sind die Teufelhundern ?", which means "Who are these Devil Dogs?"
The Marines have taken the comment as a compliment to their fighting ability, and refer to their comrades as "devil dogs": "hey there, devil dog" is a friendly greeting between Marines.
by Maximus March 13, 2003

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1. One of the two greatest authors ever.
2. A russian chap who understands the reality of life.
"Notes From Underground" is an incredible book."
"I know, it's strait from the genius of Dostoevsky!"
by MaXiMuS November 28, 2003

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A turtle who is a pimp.
Man look at the bling on that turtle, he is a t-e-r-p.
by Maximus February 08, 2004

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shorter term used for "just chillin." or can be used in other verbs.
Jonny: "what are you doing?"
Bob: "you know...jchillin at my house."
by Maximus October 05, 2004

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1. Act of speaking the truth
Person 1: Man, Naz just ganked my vocab.
Person 2: Trusay, however Dora's been ganking ur style for a while.
by Maximus May 15, 2003

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A power movement which calculates the power of the chest muscles
Ben Hatch Benches more than you because his chest is stronger
by Maximus February 19, 2003

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