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Ashlynn is a gorgeous girl but she doesn’t see herself that way she sees herself as ugly and fat and she always puts herself down. She can’t look in the mirror because she doesn’t like what she sees looking back. Sometimes all she needs is a hug or someone to tell her how much they mean to her.
Ashlynn is gorgeous.
Where can I find an Ashlynn
by sassygirl2001 April 08, 2018
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She's can be really shy at times. But once you get to know her, she's really outgoing. She's an amazing singer, and dancer. She loves acting and her whole life basically revolves around music and drama(as in plays). She has a lot of friends, but she's not considered popular. She has a small group of friends that rarely ever changes. She's usually really nerdy. She's into Superheros and other things like that. Though, she can be really pretty at times. Her eyes are beautiful, and she has long eyelashes. She usually has brown hair, and blue eyes. She doesn't really try hard to look good, and most of the time, she pulls it off anyways.
Ashlynn with new people: Hi..
Ashlynn with her friends: Hey! What's up? How are you? What's up girl! Oh hey!
by KoalaBears February 21, 2013
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Ashlynn is usually a gorgeous girl with an amazing personality because of her beauty lots of boys love her. Ashlynn has a fiery temper and is easily angered. No matter who she is around she is wild and crazy but with her bæ she is very flirtatious. Ashlynn has lots of friends and is a HUGE bookworm.
Omg! That girl's name is Ashlynn!
by Corny The Unicorn January 02, 2015
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A very gorgeous girl. This girl usually has the prettiest eyes in the world. When around her you laugh a lot and watch awesome movies. A girl named Ashlynn is hot and sexy and everyone wants to be around her. This girl is nice and friendly and just wants to have fun. She's simple and fun loving. An Ashlynn loves to make jokes and has a great time with guys.
O My Goodness, That Girl Over There Is Such An Ashlynn.
by I,3*full*Jack December 13, 2009
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She is usually a cute, shy, innocent girl who more than likely has brown hair and blue or hazel eyes.she has friends and people always want to be around her. Don't let her fool you though cause she can be fiery and strong with a good attitude.
My bff is Ashlynn.
by Funflamestar September 12, 2016
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An adjective commonly used to describe a person that is absolutely amazing. Personality traits that also work in place of the word 'Ashlynn' can be incredibly loving and caring. Usually when one is 'Ashlynn,' they have eyes that can penetrate the soul and tear you down to your most innocent self.
I was talking to her last night, she is soooo Ashlynn...she helped me cheer right back up!
by TehDoomMonkie August 01, 2010
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