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The worst organ in the body, one that is intent on bringing you as much pain and nausea as possible.
1.) Kurt Cobain was pained by his stomach to the point where he had to force himself to eat
2.) "My stomach is evil"


"yeah, I get nauseous whenever I eat."

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The stomach is one of many organs involved with the digestive system. The purpose that the stomach serves is only to break down food further so that it can be passed on. Inside of the stomach are simply means of enzymes and acids.
The stomach is located between the the oesophagus and the small intestine.
The stomach does NOT turn your food into stool. It makes it easier to turn food into stool.
Water will also be absorbed into the stomach when the body is dehydrated.
by foo, bar October 28, 2020
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The ability to turn something into shit. Includes, but not limited to: breaking an object or device, unable to successfully complete a process or routine, or generally F*ing something up.
John: Will borrowed my phone just to give it back to me with a broken screen.

Mike: Will is such a stomach.
by Comandante_Maje June 19, 2010
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The worst word in the human language I hate it with a passion. The word stomach would kick your dog
Person 1:” did you hear the word stomach eats babies

Person 2:” omg really “
by I FUCKING HATE THE WORD STOMAC September 29, 2020
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