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The Mafia or Cosa Nostra meaning "our thing" was originally a criminal gang that originated in Sicily until around WWII when the fascist government tried to wipe them out. Most of the members went incognito during the war or fled to America where they created what is today known generically as the "mafia" although technically this is just a genericised term but the true name would simply be "la cosa nostra americana".
Even though John Gotti was in the mafia and probably killed and or beat the shit out of 100's of people for some reason I still liked the guy.
by saharadryhumor February 21, 2015
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A Navy walrus is like a Navy SEAL except they are too fat to actually be a seal. Although they don't get assigned to any official "Walrus Team 6" etc etc, they do go on dangerous missions to places like Pizza Hut and places that offer all you can eat buffet and they are called on to go perform BDT ops aka Buffet Demolition Team.
Hey do you think that fat ass in the camo pants is just a redneck or maybe a Navy Walrus? It is hard to say because he is fat enough but does not seem to be eating like it's a mission.
by saharadryhumor January 15, 2015
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A NSE or near soiled experience is when the stages leading up to a case of mud butt happen so rapidly that you barely make it to the bathroom and have a vision and sensation of crapping your pants but then once you make it to the toilet you snap back to reality and realize you made it but just barely.
I thought my favorite pants were as good as gone yesterday at taco bell but turns out it was just an near soiled experience. I do feel bad for whoever has to mop that bathroom floor though.
by saharadryhumor December 25, 2014
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The PC Party is a group that consists of all those people whose survival basically depends on the enforcement of PC politics. Fags, minorities, retards, baby rapers & any other disgusting person who would be slaughtered y any society with true justice will not only survive but many times thrive in this party bubble of protection.
Why did that faggot mike who rapped all them little boys get probation and a government house instead of people beating the shit out of him? Well because he belongs to the PC Party. We can go kick his ass later but we have to figure out a benign reason like lets say he stole your bike... That should have a 11% chance of getting us off, or we can just say your a fag and maybe you can fake your way into the party.
by saharadryhumor June 05, 2015
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a pmfag is a dude who acts completely normal during the day but at night becomes a complete fag and lives a second life dedicated to butt sex with men.
Larry is such a pmfag. I caught him riding in the car with that queer dnatello last night and he tried to say oh my car broke down but they were riding in his car at the time... dumb ass faggot.
by saharadryhumor January 30, 2015
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Castrato is a man or boy who has had his nut-sack chopped off so that he does not produce any man-juice and therefore is basically a girl with a penis. They sing like little girls and look like a giant torso with 2 inch thick but 7 foot long legs and 1 inch thick and 3 foot long arms. even though they were seen as freaks because they were simply sick freaks they were nonetheless loved for their singing abillity but still hated for absolutely everything else.
I never have seen one but I was told that the Italian opera uses Castrato singers which are really just nutless men who can sing like a woman or even a little girl.
by saharadryhumor December 31, 2014
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A catfisher is a man who actively seeks out catfish online because they get pleasure from being treated like shit, taken advantage of and tricked into believing they are worthy of a womans attention only to realize it is all a hoax. These men usually have lots of money, very small penises and low self esteem.
David is such a catfisher but acts like this all happens by accident. He knows he likes being rejected by fat women posing as hot females.
by saharadryhumor December 18, 2014
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