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A mental illness that usually begins around age 10-13 and will usually go away by age 21. It is the only mental illness that is contagious and seems to occur frequently in people who have severe hearing loss, are gay or are pedophiles. There has been some success in curing disease by exposing infected individuals to music and other art forms that are of some actual value, quality, and talent. Another effective but very controversial treatment is truth therapy where the infected individual is let in on the secret that Bieber is actually a female cat that was involved in a severe accident during secret testing at area 51.
It is so sad watching this Belieber disease destroy the youth... it's worse than polio, aids or even Leo Sayer.
by saharadryhumor March 15, 2014
Gun control is the phenomenon that takes place whenever a gun is drawn and/or fired is any situation. No matter how tense the atmosphere may be as soon as the gun comes out everything will suddenly be under control. Also refers to the similar act of using the threat of or actual use of a gun in order to gain and maintain control of an individual.
I thought that bank robbery was gonna end with dead or at least injured hostages until I saw a guy in the crowd pull out two glock pistols and within three seconds flat everything was under control. When they got the robber outside they pulled a shotgun on him and he walked like a scared little girl right where they told him to. Amazing how quickly good gun control can change a situation.
by saharadryhumor January 10, 2015
Hyperventilation is the physiological response to breathing to rapidly thus creating a surplus of toxins in the blood stream at a rate higher than the body cope with. Usually results in a passing out or fainting followed by a headache and sometimes nausea. Although most of the time minor it can and has killed people especially if done intentionally while also fighting the bodies natural responses.
Well I guess frank deserves to be dead for playing that stupid Hyperventilation game but somehow that cretin bastard has survived 20 rounds. I'm kinda tired of his stupid Hyperventilation shit that I hope he does die next time. I will laugh so hard I might hyperventilate myself hahahaha!!
by saharadryhumor February 28, 2015
A NSE or near soiled experience is when the stages leading up to a case of mud butt happen so rapidly that you barely make it to the bathroom and have a vision and sensation of crapping your pants but then once you make it to the toilet you snap back to reality and realize you made it but just barely.
I thought my favorite pants were as good as gone yesterday at taco bell but turns out it was just an near soiled experience. I do feel bad for whoever has to mop that bathroom floor though.
by saharadryhumor December 26, 2014
A Demoncracy is a government elected by and ran in the service of demons. Usually not an original government because to be legal a current democracy has to unanimously sell their souls and vote to sell the citizens souls to a band of demons in order to establish the demoncracy. The leadership is structured around The Daddy (top) The Bitch (vice) & War Daddy (military) followed by The Nobodies who make noise and entertain the citizens.
It sure was a sad day when the US government decided to sell out and become a Demoncracy.
by saharadryhumor November 16, 2014
The Mafia or Cosa Nostra meaning "our thing" was originally a criminal gang that originated in Sicily until around WWII when the fascist government tried to wipe them out. Most of the members went incognito during the war or fled to America where they created what is today known generically as the "mafia" although technically this is just a genericised term but the true name would simply be "la cosa nostra americana".
Even though John Gotti was in the mafia and probably killed and or beat the shit out of 100's of people for some reason I still liked the guy.
by saharadryhumor February 21, 2015
a scapegrope is a move that women use to get out of anything. When ever you are talking to your woman about some horrendous or stupid shit she did no matter how bad it may be all she has to do to do is grope your penis and instantly you will be ready for sex and forget the issue altogether.
Man I wish I could remember what that big headed bitch did to me. She pulled a scapegrope on me last night and now I can't remember what I was supposed be mad at her for.
by saharadryhumor February 1, 2015