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Stank means something that smells so bad that simply saying stink is not gonna cut it. If something is stank you will be able to smell it from several hundred feet away and if you get too close you may actually pass out or possibly die. Often times you will even be able to taste something that is stank just by smelling it.
Joe: Whats wrong with Leroy ? Is he drunk? William: No. He just found a pair of his underwear that were dirty and they had been under his bed for about 7 months and had became stank as fuck. Joe: Wait is he breathing ? Leroy: Oh shit call 911 I think he is dead bro. **calls 911** Yes please send an ambulance my friend got hit by a dose of stank earlier and we think he might be dead or dying.
by saharadryhumor January 10, 2015
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A catloaf is a food item made in China and some areas of the middle east. Much like the western dish meatloaf a catloaf is made up of ground cat with onions and rice all baked into a loaf and sometimes glazed with a puppy based sauce.
Man this meatloaf is really good and cheap. Wait thats cheap because its not meatloaf man, it's catloaf. Yes it's made of cats
by saharadryhumor March 1, 2015
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A Chumpanzee is an animal that is almost identical to a chimpanzee is every way except personality and intelligence. Basically it is a chimpanzee that is stupid, ugly, retarded and is a wimp that gets bullied by koalas and sometime butt raped by sloths.
We went to the zoo yesterday but it was complete rubbish. All the animals were asleep except for two koala that were butt raping the shit out of some fat ass Chumpanzee and the whole time the Chumpanzee just whined a little bit but kept eating the crusty mcnuggets we had throw at him. He was in a safe place until we knocked him down with the nuggets and then a sloth got in his hiding place and would not let him escape. I kinda felt bad for the poor guy but only for a few seconds. After that we just made fun of him and videoed it for the zoo giftshop.
by saharadryhumor January 23, 2015
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A Demoncracy is a government elected by and ran in the service of demons. Usually not an original government because to be legal a current democracy has to unanimously sell their souls and vote to sell the citizens souls to a band of demons in order to establish the demoncracy. The leadership is structured around The Daddy (top) The Bitch (vice) & War Daddy (military) followed by The Nobodies who make noise and entertain the citizens.
It sure was a sad day when the US government decided to sell out and become a Demoncracy.
by saharadryhumor November 16, 2014
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The Mafia or Cosa Nostra meaning "our thing" was originally a criminal gang that originated in Sicily until around WWII when the fascist government tried to wipe them out. Most of the members went incognito during the war or fled to America where they created what is today known generically as the "mafia" although technically this is just a genericised term but the true name would simply be "la cosa nostra americana".
Even though John Gotti was in the mafia and probably killed and or beat the shit out of 100's of people for some reason I still liked the guy.
by saharadryhumor February 21, 2015
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Bricked is a term that means someone basically beat the shit out of you with a brick or other dense and relatively heavy implement such as a rock or chunk on concrete.
I think James is gonna go to prison if he gets snagged for the fight last night when he bricked that faggot Leonardo. He even made sure to use the sharpest jagged chunk he could find too.
by saharadryhumor January 30, 2015
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Road Rage is a term that cover a broad range of behaviors that people exibit when they get pissed off while driving and tear shit up, smash other peoples cars, smash their own car and sometimes they will get out and beat the shit out of someone or they may get their own ass kicked (which cures some road rage). Basically a very stupid thing to do unless you video it and share on Youtube then it is okay.
Man I saw this guy get out of an 18 wheeler cause he had road rage and wanted to kick this scooter drivers ass but the scooter driver beat the shit out of the trucker but in the end the trucker caught back up with him and just ran the scooter over with the dude still riding it... Whats that? Oh yes it was very funny and fuck that guy why should I have helped him? He was under a truck okay....
by saharadryhumor February 7, 2015
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