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Usually said when a male is masturbating.
Hey, I'm stroking my balls.
by Mirosui July 29, 2005
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Fooling, or pranking; usually said out of disbelief. Slang originates in New Jersey and is commonly heard in surrounding areas.
Tyrone: Yo dawg! You should have come to the club tonight. D-Wayne and Trizzle got into a fist-fight.

Thelonius Jackson: No way! Are you stroking me right now?

Tyrone: No, I'm being completely serious. Trizzle is in the hospital.

Thelonius Jackson: Word.
by thewanderingjew22 August 12, 2011
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A frequently-used discreet word for "masturbating". It may be used in reference to a male or female, and it also may be used when it is done by oneself or by someone else.

If you're in polite company, you would use the subtle word "stroking" instead of the blunt terms "masturbating" or "wanking".
Mum: Did you take Charlie his dinner?

Cheryl: No, I couldn't go in. He was busy.

Mum: What do you mean "busy"? If he's busy, you can still take it in, can't you?

Cheryl: No, he needs his privacy. He was, um... busy stroking himself, Mum.
by Pro-Love Girl March 27, 2011
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To Kick and punch someone serverely is "Stroking"
"come and help me bash these two cunts will ya"
"wait a minute i'm still stroking this fucker"
by Stone Island wearing non chav November 03, 2005
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