v. to borrow, or receive money
Ayo cuzz, lemme hold a 20.
by STERZILLA October 20, 2004
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to hold someone and never let them go
he held me close
by lsd September 11, 2003
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To possess drugs that yo' want to sell.
"Know anyone 'holding' tonight?"
by Diego September 1, 2003
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v. to regard with inappropriately high esteem. Meant to conjure the image of the object's testicles being cradled by the subject, casting homoerotic aspersions on the latter.
by bigstig January 10, 2008
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It comes from a TV show. You can search "Hold住姐" on youtube. It basically means "everything is under control"
Boss: "The activity is totally a mess!"
Employee: "I can hold it"
by meimeimei January 29, 2012
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A phrase used on the phone to hang up or put the other person on hold for an little amount of time. It indicates that they are going to call back.
“Hold on, my sister is calling. I’ll call you right back.”
by Jadawada May 9, 2019
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When someone is wrong or says a dumb comment.

“Yeah you can Hold It”
“Hold It”
Hold that L
“You can Hold It”
by BrianBuckets September 27, 2017
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