A large group of soldiers that forms the main body of an army. The infantry first truly came about with the miltary development of the Phalanx in Ancient Greece; This was a large, tight square-like formation of Greek soldiers carrying shields and very long lances that marched towards the enemy. These formations would continue for over two millienia, where soldiers would be organized in closely-formed lines (rows) and columns, and these which would gradually grow away from the thick, square-like formations into longer and thinner lines and taller, narrow columns. This move away from block-type formations allowed the infantry to have more movement and flexibility.
Infantry tactics and weaponry would continue to develop through the many centuries. The greatest era of the infantry was during the more-than-a-century long period from the French and Indian War (Mid-1750s to 1763) all the way to the Franco-Prussian War (1870). During this time, warfare saw the move from musketeers to riflemen, and also regular cannons to rifled artillery, as the process of "rifling" not only applied to battle rifles, but to artillery guns as well. During the greater part of the 19th Century, infantry tactics became known as "Napoleonic Tactics", named after the great Corsican general who catapulted all the way to Emperor of France, and eventually the temporary ruler of most of Europe. However, with the introduction of more-lethal rifled and repeating weapons by the time of the American Civil War, the tactics involving long, 2-3 rank battle lines of soldiers and tightly-packed formations in rows and columns marching in unison would have to change.
By the time of the Spanish-American War, tactics would change, as platoons, regiments, and battalions would find newer and less-dangerous methods of approaching and defending against the enemy. Today, infantry is truly different in the means of its tactics, weaponry, and the fact that they use vehicles, too. The infantrymen on military jeeps and trucks are known as "mechanized infantry". The infantry still makes up the major part of armies, and are included in both the Marines and the Army.
Infantry has always been the most important element of every single army.
by The Midwestrn Soldier March 28, 2005
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The backbone of any fighting force.

Infantryman is a title that is earnt, not given.

Traditionally, infantry usually comprised of large amounts of untrained slave soldiers, but with the end of WW2 the infantry became the cutting edge of armies around the world, becoming useful at counter insurgency, low intensity operations that armour is too cumbersome for.
Steve joined the Parachute Regiment because he wanted to be the elite of the infantry.
by Crow Number Eleven November 25, 2007
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On the eight day, God created Infantry. He sayeth "let there be a game fit for Man, who was created in my image, and for me when I am bored" and thusly Infantry rose from the sea of binary code, a testament to divine power and the coolness of developer Harmless Games. But Man became sinful and an asshole (no surprise there), and God decided to destroy what he created. "Man has gone wrong," God said, "and I shall destroy these sinful men and bring about the ruination of their great game." And verily, He flooded the earth for 40 days and 40 nights, and made HG sell Infantry to Sonly Online Entertainment who promptly ruined it on divine order (not that they needed any help though).

Luckily for mankind Noah was allowed to build an ark and save his family and the animals, but God was swift and merciless with Infantry. After SOE completed its task, what remained of the once mighty game was set upon by all manner of demons, hackers, script kiddies, and nade lamers. And when the dust settled, Infantry was leveled, laid low by the hand that rent Sodom and Gomorrah, then banished to the underworld to be lorded over by Satan's assistant Joe for all of eternity.
And that is the story of the rise and fall of the greatest game ever.
by C++ August 16, 2005
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Most commonly found on internet forums for first-person-shooter games set in modern times like Counter-Strike and Battlefield 2, the Armchair Infantry spends his day browsing gun sites (chiefly http://world.guns.ru) memorizing every factual statistic about every weapon known to man. In any instant, the Armchair Infantry can deliver to you every possible statistic about any of an obscure line of military-grade weapons that never even saw live combat.

Armchair Infantry are easy to identify. If they have an avatar, more often then not it is the logo of the United States Marine Corp. If they have a signature, it's almost always a Barrett sniper rifle, or a guy hiding in a bush with a rifle (that may or may not be a Barrett). Your typical Armchair Infantry will hide behind a veil of lies to 'reinforce' their point; the most common and effective being that they own several of the military weapons and are pure marksmen with them. Slightly rarer, but more effective, is the Armchair Veteran, who protects his ass with unearned respect by insisting that they've fought in ANY number of real-world conflicts: Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bosnia, Grenada... If the debate is about the Vietnam war, you damn well know that these guys will crawl out of the woodwork, insisting that they served 4 tours in Vietnam. If it's about Kuwait, suddenly they tell you about Operation Desert Storm as if they were there firsthand.

When provoked, the Armchair Infantry will pull out a dazzling number of 'facts' that they've almost completely copy-pasted off another website. In a conversation about a military asset of some sort, they will be determined to convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt that they've fired/flown/driven whatever it is they're talking about. The goal being, of course, to convince you, someone who isn't hiding behind the Armchair Infantry persona, that they have much more experience then you (which they don't), and therefore are right, and you're an idiot.

In their FPS games of choice, these 'veterans' generally play as a sniper whenever they can, clinging to an emo-esque image of a lonewolf cold-blooded killer out for revenge, or some cliche bullshit like that.

The irony of the Armchair Infantry is that most have never even been around a real gun outside of Boyscout Camp. Even more aren't even old enough to enlist.

If you ever meet an Armchair Infantry, patronize and mock them. There's a slim chance that yes, they DID fly an A-10 in the Gulf War (because you know how many 40-year-old Veterans play FPS games to recreate a war they saw people die in), but there's a far greater chance that they're utterly full of shit.
Rather then the use of the term 'Armchair Infantry', here's an example of some in action:

"The accuracy and range of the rifle is way off. I have three and go to the range four times a week and I can put 20 bullets within a half inch of each other at 500 meters."

"I flew a Cobra in Kuwait and I can tell you that they do NOT fly like that."

"I risked my life for the United States and it's disrespectful that you guys got the turbine sound of the F/A 18 TOTALLY wrong."
by Dave T. S. June 22, 2005
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MMOG developed by Harmless Games, published by Sony Online Entertainment(SOE). Innovative design idea, languished due to lack of development. Characterized by its third-person-overview interface and wide variety of gameplay styles, including standard capture-the-flag, hybrid-RPG, and tactical space combat.
by Bogus October 18, 2004
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The half a bag of Halls cough drops you stick in your pocket when you're sick and on the go.
Steve: Dude, you've got a wicked cough, you sure you wanna go to the movies?

Ed: Yeah it's cool man, I got the Halls Infantry on standby.
by SpyderNinja June 16, 2009
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1) An enjoyable game where people spend almost all their timing typing insults across the chat instead of playing.
2) A chatroom with monsters.
Person #1>Omg0t i kn0e yuo hakcx1!!11

Person #2>Stufur j00 r t3h n0bber lololz I pw00nr j00r ez $$ piee

Person #1>Omgfugot i r report j00 to t3h admins leave b4 they bant jo0 noob
by Sano October 26, 2004
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