long and thick penis usually around 9 to 10 inches
omg this guys dick is huge and this guys name is jesse
most of the large penises come from guys named jesse.
a large penis is better than a chode.
by 10 incher May 18, 2008
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Black people only have this
Why do you have a large penis Jamal
“Cuz I’m black”
by Dtrain004 September 14, 2021
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Its really big and i mean like really big not the normal big its extra large big never been biggest.
That guy is really good in the bed!
We should probably fuck his ass or i will have to send him to The Shadow Isles.
#Vincent has a large penis
by Jag vill dö A.P August 9, 2017
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Taking desire make penis large
Taking desire make penis large
by Real randy June 4, 2022
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