Share ( to relate something the receiver should ignore because it probably involves a low-resolution, fake, or out-of-context photo superimposed with a grammatically-incorrect statement that someone thinks is funny but is really just a waste of time.
Thomas shared the cat-like image in an effort to antagonize his casual acquaintances.
by fb_antienthusiast March 16, 2013
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I ain't sharing my stuff with those crusty, musty, bunions. go touch yourself. oh hell Nah!
by ummm wow April 8, 2020
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Smallest unit used in the HEX.COM crypto currency to determine interest payments: there's no more resolution beyond this; often combined with SI prefixes to make larger units: typically the T-Share.
"I'm stacking those shares like I used to stack sats back in the day. HEX.COM FTW!"
by ArmAddAsk June 15, 2021
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a thai girl that watches too much japanese anime and too much kpop
share also likes to watch and read gay books and anime
by Jymer? December 4, 2018
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Amazing, absolutely beautiful, perverted, and so fun to be with.
Will make you feel so special.
The most amazing girlfriend you can ever have.
Great kisser.
You can get lost in her gorgeous eyes.
You will love her.
Likes to argue a lot and needs to be punished for it.
Extremely energetic and funny.
Will exceed your expectations.
Loves music.

Not a Fighter, but will knock the crap out of you.
Doesn't show it, but is easy to hurt.
Sharee is an awesome chick.
by Passion765 March 7, 2010
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1. Giving something that belongs to you to someone else out of the goodness of your heart.

2. When two people do something together.
Let's share this piece of cake.
by Dannielle September 10, 2004
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