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used to describe a person who lacks any sort of self-awareness or conception of how others perceive them; often characterized as woefully oblivious to their gaping flaws, which prevent them from achieving others’ respect or appreciation. A tragic person (see: trag) typically engages in behaviors that they wrongfully believe to be iconic, while most external parties find these antics cringe-inducing and/or trite. To refer to someone as “tragic” is an all-encompassing derision that asserts a person’s utter lack of redeemable qualities, coalesced by physical unattractiveness, dullness, incompetence, ill temper, social ineptitude, and idiocy.
Person 1: Did you see what he posted?

Person 2: Unfortunately, yes. He is so tragic.
by Invidiosa January 21, 2019
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It was a tragic day for America when the Supreme Court inadvertently declared George W. Bush as President.
by jam July 17, 2003
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1. adj. something deeply upsetting/terrible
2. something that looks rather worse-for-where
1. that accident was tragic.
2. that shoe looks a bit tragic doesnt it?
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
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Two idiots from Australia, one thinks he's a meremaid and carry's a mermaid doll and the other thinks he's the reincarnation of black beard the butt pirate. The mermaid likes to change his name because he's a pussy and preys on gullable women on line. The butt pirate acts as the mermaids lap dog and enforcer because he can't fight his own battles and is more concerned about distroying people's lives and being a meremaid whispering eye.
These two douche bags are tragic .
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The occurrence of what one might describe to be something of the nature of a momentous disaster which later provokes heart wrenching sorrow. Some examples of what may correctly be deemed to be “tragic” might include; unrequited love, premature death, or game six of the 2003 National League Championship.
"All perform their tragic play, there struts Hamlet, there is Lear." Yeats
by nethcev! October 01, 2006
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