"I'm brushing it hard, bitch, swallow."

"Damn, I need to brush on that broad."

"Alright guys, I'm gonna brush and head to bed"

"Keep it to yourself man"
by Bubba TheLoveSponge February 14, 2008
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The act of rubbing one's pubes onto another individual, using a forward and back technique.
Me and Jessica were grindin' and brushing all night yesterday! Now my genitals are itchy as fuck
by Subi Billy Juice Mo Guilo December 6, 2011
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Similar to "brunch", but what you do in New Orleans. A combination between breakfast and lush, aka lunch drinking = brush
Barney: just making sure you know we have brushes and dinners lined up for the Jazzfest week in New Orleans

Billy: what about combs?

Barney: they use picks down here. Brushes are what New Orleanians do in the morning to start the day - eat and get yur drink on. The best places serve you in a stay-cup.
by the comand'r April 28, 2022
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The act of having not responded to or not having continued a conversation.

Specifically by text or over social media.
“I snapchated jimmy that I loved him last night, but he brushed me”
by Dtrooch April 28, 2018
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To open a Snapchat and not respond to it
Yo this girl keeps brushing me it’s so annoying
by Thefortniter April 15, 2019
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A universal word that means anything cool or really anything in a positive tone. It has a slight undertone of feeling like you’re in an alternate reality. It can also be used as a greeting word or to say goodbye to someone. It is a word that allows for the conveyance of the feeling of happiness.
Rachel is so brush for creating a new slang word, where one can articulate their happiness in just one word.
by Rachisbrush September 15, 2021
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