Something that only an idiot can have more than once.
"You had another divorce!"
by You wouldnt care about my name December 29, 2017
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the legal ending of a marriage
The reason why divorce is so expensive is because it's worth it.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
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When your friends were right...
Married Guy- Hey bro I'm getting a divorce

Friend- It's about time, I told you she was a bitch
by iGetJuiced August 8, 2009
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An event that has become very common in today's society. Affects children more than adults-generally causes the parents to tell their children that "We're still friends" while talking shit about the absent partner and forcing the child to call them to tell them something. It is also the beginning of the introduction of a step-parent (aka demon in most cases) who feels it is their role in life to be a complete ass- all the freakin time.
me:I don't know a single person whose parents are still married, do you?
Jim: I don't either, thats bad isnt it?
by Me November 1, 2003
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from the latin meaning to rip a man's genitals out through his wallet.
by fairy nuff September 23, 2003
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The same thing as a tornado someguys gonna lose his trailer house
I heard Johns living behind Walmart after his divorce
by theholyhabenero December 15, 2013
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