penis; or it can be someones last name (for example Gen. Johnson)
My johnson is large.

"Hello Ms.Johnson," said Bub.
by Stephen C February 1, 2006
its long and distinguished... like my johnson (as in 'top-gun')
by alfonso burns March 17, 2005
n. 1. slang for Penis
1.Bona Fide Ride
Step Aside My Johnson
Yes I Could In The Woods Of Wisconsin.

2. That boy has got a huge Johnson.
by Gregory Rice April 4, 2005
A black man's penis/dong/wang/dick/knob/trunk/hose

A Johnson must be very long.
"Yo nigga! Put chow Johnson away!"

"Sorry lady, I didn't know you could see ma Johnson"
by Mishal May 11, 2005
the act of taking a beloved franchise and ruining it through self indulgent writing and a complete disdain for the existing fan base. So named following Rian Johnson's directing and writing of the Star War's film The Last Jedi.
Oh man did you see the new Robocop reboot? It sucked, the director was a hack and totally johnsonned it.
by fmcnasty September 1, 2018