penis; or it can be someones last name (for example Gen. Johnson)
My johnson is large.

"Hello Ms.Johnson," said Bub.
by Stephen C February 1, 2006
its long and distinguished... like my johnson (as in 'top-gun')
by alfonso burns March 17, 2005
n. 1. slang for Penis
1.Bona Fide Ride
Step Aside My Johnson
Yes I Could In The Woods Of Wisconsin.

2. That boy has got a huge Johnson.
by Gregory Rice April 4, 2005
A black man's penis/dong/wang/dick/knob/trunk/hose

A Johnson must be very long.
"Yo nigga! Put chow Johnson away!"

"Sorry lady, I didn't know you could see ma Johnson"
by Mishal May 11, 2005
Someone who sucks the sperm out of the penis and blows it back into the male's rectum.
I don't know what happened last night but i think i pulled a johnson.

Man, my breath stinks. Do you think giving that johnson caused it?
by Matt Saus March 6, 2007