A player in an MMORPG whose online character is the opposite of their real life gender. There are many different reasons cited as to why people gender bend.

1. Men may play female characters because they're treated nicer, receive more freebies and are invited to teams more often.

2. In player-vs-player environments, female characters are often seen as weaker, and some men may seek to exploit a psychological advantage over chauvinistic players.

3. Female players may create a male character so that they are more respected and taken more seriously, especially if they try to take on a leadership role.

4. A male player figures that if he must look at his character's butt the whole time, it might as well be a female one.

5. A desire to try out a different role in an anonymous environment.

6. Gays who wish to gain more sexual interest from their preferred gender.

7. Some men are feminist enough to genuinely enjoy creating powerful women characters.

8. A perverse pleasure in getting an unsuspecting heterosexual person of the same gender to pursue a relationship, only to spring the surprise on them later.

9. For some males (usually assumed to be sexually immature or frustrated), it's a method of dominating and controlling the female body.
Don't bother trying to chase girls in online games. You never know who's a gender bender.
by Perceptor II February 3, 2008
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A gender bender is a person who seeks to define gender expression outside of the binary terms of man and woman.

This person may express their gender in a variety of ways such as cross-dressing and not adhereing to stereotypical, traditional, and/or cultural ideals and practices for their gender.

The person often believes in the thought system of gender and sex being separate. A person can be one sex, but express a gender that is usually not associated with that sex.

May also use gender neutral pronouns such as ze and hir.

Explore the concepts of femininity and masculinity with freedom.
Alex is a gender bender. Ze likes to play around with gender expression through clothes, hair styles, and attitudes. Ze doesn't let anyone define what hir gender is.
by boidragon January 23, 2007
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A function at which the gender roles are reversed, or manipulated in various ways. Also, a person who explores the boundaries of gender roles, or outright denies their existance
"I went to this great gender bender last night, where I met this kick ass guy, at least I thought so because of his skirt."
by onestanza April 10, 2004
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Someone who you see and cannot immediately discern the gender of.
"Lots of gender benders in this store."
by Commonwealth1325 October 20, 2003
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A small adapter you use to connect two male or two female pinned/socketed cables of the same type together. You pervs.
"hey, toss me that serial gender bender, will you?"
by StrokeCity February 24, 2006
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On a MUSH, MOO, MUCK, or other text-based online role-playing game, a male player who plays a female character. This is often done to attract partners for cybersex.
"I'm pretty sure Rena is a gender bender, she doesn't sound like a woman."
by Steve H. June 21, 2005
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