Gender expression is exactly what is sounds like it is: the way you express your gender identity. Are you a woman? Wonderful! Does that automatically mean you love dresses and adore cat eyeliner? Nope. There are many ways to express one's gender identity whether heteronormative or gender-non-conforming! Historically, gender expression has been commodified and culturalized, dividing the population into either lipstick-lovin-ladies or motorcycle-muscle-men.

But wait--you pick a gender identity, does that mean your gender expression must conform to that identity at all times??? Hell no! Your gender expression can manifest any way you want it to! It's all up to the individual. Today: femme. Tomorrow: genderfuck.

Remember that gender identity includes, but is not limited to, identities such as 'woman' and 'man,' what would be called cisgender. Genderqueer identities are numerous: there is genderfuck and femme and gender fluid and gender neutral and agender and transgender and many more. For more examples, just go to your facebook page and check out the updates gender identification options (not that this list is entirely inclusive, but it'll provide you with a decent basis!)
Jaquan: Hey, Betty looks like a dude today. WTF?
Bailey: Yo, that's just her gender expression. Maybe she identifies as gender-non-comforming.

Jaquan: Oh, tight. Maybe tomorrow I'll wear a skirt.
Bailey: Hell yeah! Express yoself!
by knivesandglitter February 27, 2017
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