the embarrassing situation that arises from someone's innocently attributing the wrong gender to another person
I nearly got in a gender bender, but when I spotted the adam's apple I decided to stick to gender-neutral pronouns
by shamanticist May 01, 2015
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A small adapter you use to connect two male or two female pinned/socketed cables of the same type together. You pervs.
"hey, toss me that serial gender bender, will you?"
by StrokeCity February 24, 2006
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On a MUSH, MOO, MUCK, or other text-based online role-playing game, a male player who plays a female character. This is often done to attract partners for cybersex.
"I'm pretty sure Rena is a gender bender, she doesn't sound like a woman."
by Steve H. June 21, 2005
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Generation of people born in the 1990's to late 2000's bending the gender by allowing for things like LGBTQ... groups

Old people don't really like gender benders.
by Pinkladyapples March 13, 2018
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A person having enough qualities not belonging to thier sex at birth that it is hard to distinguish them as the sex they were born as. Also people who engage in activities not normally or traditionally associated with thier birth sex. Does not mean they are homosexual but they do exhibit such behavior.
1. Steve calls himself a metrosexual but its just a nice way of saying gender bender. He does very feminin things like getting his nails done.
2. Charlene is a female body builder and because she has eradicated anything feminin about herself she is an obvious gender bender.
3. Mary drives a "monster" truck and it does not belong to her husband because she is not married, she is a gender bender.
4.WPGA, WNBA, WNFL, male home decore designers, male bycycle racers (shave legs sometimes), women truck drivers ETC. !!!!!!!
by B. Funk June 22, 2005
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