A common typo that is made when one attempts to type, "One sec"
by clenhornier February 13, 2010
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a humorous aside to the constant status of the male.

there is no 'IF', 'possibly', 'probably' or 'maybe'; for the male! the male CONSTANTLY needs sex!! (with the exception of when the "big game" is on!! -or when the male has JUST 'e-jacked' !!
i'd hit that in a heartbeat, 'IF' i needed sex!!

she/he has high "doability", 'IF' one needed sex!!

'IF' one needed sex, they could "quaf their quim joys" with that!!
by michael foolsley May 31, 2011
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One way phone sex consists of a person either calling another person or answering the phone while masturbating. Extra points are awarded if an outgoing call is placed to a friend's significant other.
Carly: I think Tom tried to have one way phone sex with me last night.
Sam: Why do you say that?
Carly: He called and said hello then just started to breath really heavy, but I hung up in time.
by big braddah October 12, 2012
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A person who is an absolute Waco Kid sex cockslinger in bed who has the ability to hit the penetration center of the naughty hole with complete precision.
Yeah I have lines of thirsty mammas at my front door. Probably because they are here to visit the local One Eye Willy Sex Cowboy who's going to make them feel the wildest of the West!
by Giggister March 1, 2019
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Having sex for the sole purpose of experiencing an orgasm with no extracurricular activities involved.
I hope she doesn't need to cuddle tonight and wants to have one function sex.
by moondoggie84 October 26, 2016
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