Adjective used particularly in Northern Irish slang language
Used to describe something that is brilliant
Aye mate, that there football top's weaker
by jsmithweyyy March 31, 2007
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a person that has been awake for two weeks due to mass consumption of methamphetamine.
this one time i stayed up for two weeks! so they started calling me a two-weaker!
by stretch323 August 9, 2010
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1) A term used to describe one gender as naturally inferior to another.

2) Pathetic attempts to copulate while lacking the desire to do so.
1) Argument: Women are the weaker sex because they're emotional, self-centered, vain and can't fight as well as men can.
Rebuttal: Men are the weaker sex because they're aloof, selfish, prideful and can't endure as well as women can.

2) I just keep getting weaker sex every time we try. I don't think I'm even attracted to my partner anymore.
by Axiomatic June 25, 2009
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one who is quite weak, lack of muscle, or mental and or intestinal fortitude.
You are weaker than water, you can't even lift the bar!
by ocobb October 31, 2007
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Used when the flow or movement of something is overly weak, as to say it is weaker than one's urination.
This shower is weaker than my piss!

Fuck you. You punch weaker than my piss!
by SuperBadMcLovin February 2, 2021
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When something is very weak. Likely originated from illegal alcohol distillation culture where low alcohol batches were said to be "weaker than well water"
This cheap plastic toy is weaker than well water.
by smzkty October 3, 2013
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