1. to leave a place
2. to run/ move quickly
"dawg, this party is weak. i'm fitting to skirt."

"did the cops come?"
"yeah, i had to skirt, i'm on probabtion man."
by Your Boy Stoops October 10, 2007
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To leave a place, usually in a hurry.
I gotta skirt, skirt outta here
by bouncin November 2, 2013
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40's'esque slang for a female, a dame
by T-mart March 1, 2005
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obviously, we all know it's a female garment.

however, if you go to a catholic school or any school with uniforms, you also know that it is a verb.

to SKIRT someone is to come up behind them and pull the back of their skirt up, therefore exposing their buttocks to whoever is behind them.

it sucks to be skirted, but is the best way to get revenge on someone / embaress the hell out of them, though skirting must be done responsibly, because everyone hates those never-ending wars to see who can skirt the most people. (kind of like the circle game)

chick 1: like, oh my god, someone totally skirted me today at lunch and, like, it was right next to the football players' table, and, like, they all saw my bright pink thong! like, traumatizing!
chick 2: at least you HAD underwear on.
chick 1: true.

(chick 1 skirts chick 2, who screams, then a cat fight ensues. they both take their shirts off for some reason and prance around, screaming 'bitch!' at each other, occassionally taking a swing. it's quite arousing.)
by smokin' el September 3, 2005
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Yet another term for a female.
Man, you see that skirt, she's hot!
by baron_iv January 26, 2003
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"Look at that pretty little skirt walking down the street... think she'll give me her number?"
by ComfortablyNumb June 26, 2005
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Dress like shorts you wear in the summer.
I got her the skirt for her birthday.
by wolfiewolfiew March 16, 2017
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