gender neutral possesive pronoun used by people with alternative gender identities.
That cheese covered melted piece of bread belongs to hir.
by Mateo October 30, 2003
An combined form of the devices 'his' and 'her' with the similar usage in referring to a subject (or possessive, attributive) of both, either, or neither gender.

'Hir' and related nominative 'shi' are seen most often in internet-presented stories involving (the usually pornographically inclined presence of) hermaphrodites or those capable of changing their sex with ease.
Hir pillow was well fluffed, to hir pleasure.

We know hir well; shi cannot surprise us any more.

He seemed perfectly alright with hir cutting him in line.
by Trefoiler June 22, 2009
A pronoun used when the gender of the subject is unknown, neutral, undefined, or male and female simultaneously, or alternating between the two without breaking the flow of the sentence. Replaces 'Their', 'His/Her', 'His or her'
Someone give me hir ideas on this predicament.

Just tell hir that you don't have the time right now.
by MouseBatteries June 25, 2013
The general gender assumption for Shemales that takes place of His/Her

(Pronounced >Her<)
Male: His
Female: Her
Shemale: Hir
by Aurora Lee March 30, 2011
It means hash in the ass Hash is an typical bad smoke thats makes u Follow after drugs
Do u want hir?
Vil du ha hir
by OkIG November 23, 2021
A word that describes a quality of God in a way that is not gender specific....i.e. Hirs love, or Hirs forgiveness.
It's hard, sometimes, to make sense of the Lord, since Hirs hand often works in mysterious ways.
by Walknchew June 7, 2018