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A player in an MMORPG whose online character is the opposite of their real life gender. There are many different reasons cited as to why people gender bend.

1. Men may play female characters because they're treated nicer, receive more freebies and are invited to teams more often.

2. In player-vs-player environments, female characters are often seen as weaker, and some men may seek to exploit a psychological advantage over chauvinistic players.

3. Female players may create a male character so that they are more respected and taken more seriously, especially if they try to take on a leadership role.

4. A male player figures that if he must look at his character's butt the whole time, it might as well be a female one.

5. A desire to try out a different role in an anonymous environment.

6. Gays who wish to gain more sexual interest from their preferred gender.

7. Some men are feminist enough to genuinely enjoy creating powerful women characters.

8. A perverse pleasure in getting an unsuspecting heterosexual person of the same gender to pursue a relationship, only to spring the surprise on them later.

9. For some males (usually assumed to be sexually immature or frustrated), it's a method of dominating and controlling the female body.
Don't bother trying to chase girls in online games. You never know who's a gender bender.
by Perceptor II February 03, 2008

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A type of character created in the MMORPG City of Heroes. Blappers start out with the blaster archetype, which specializes in offensive prowess and long-range attacks but can't take as much damage as some others. However, the player then develops the powers of the character to boost their defense and melee attacks. The player basically tries to create turn the blaster into a scrapper, a tougher archetype specializing in melee attacks, while still enjoying the inherent offensive bonus of the blaster archetype.

Opinion of the effectiveness of such a strategy is mixed. Some insist it doesn't work, while others insist that they've had success creating such characters.

The word is a portmanteau of "blaster" and "scrapper".
what r u doin? get behind the tanks stop tryin to be a blapper
by Perceptor II February 03, 2008

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