a drug supplier, usually dealing in large quantities
I just called my connect...I should have what you need in an hour.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
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a) drug supplier
b) verb of buying drug
a) the connect called, the hydroponic has arrived
b) I connected an ounce of hydro
by samrosza November 16, 2008
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or not? like science says speed dating works. the first six to eight minutes with a person could determine your destiny. is there a connection? sexual? friendship? spiritual? if you take the chance and connect with someone you and this person could fucking take on the world. Aka, Tinder or Grinder. You might want to try to "connect" with somebody. That somebody could turn into your forever.
Do you dare connect?
by Femalesheep June 17, 2014
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Guy 2: Are you asking to get connected, buddy?
by YouKnowMahName December 31, 2010
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while the invisible enemy is raging outside families and friendly entities are recollecting themselves, digitally sharing stories, memories around an abstract christmas tree (distance tree)
John, we usually don't find the time to do this. Tell me about your last 20 years. Tell me about your family, everyone, their names and how you connect. Tell me about your friends and what you like to do.
by Krkič March 29, 2020
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A short cool, slang word for XBC - XBox Connect. Only cool cats say this. Not to be mistaken with the above definition. X Clan.
"VRRRRRRMMMMM....wanna go on connect?"
by Kane April 19, 2005
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short form of the word connections
Dan has major connects back East where he grew up.
by gtbarry October 7, 2008
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