Stupid rules that shouldn't exist. They say what people should and shouldn't do, based off their gender.
Matthew can't play with Barbies, or wear pink, because of gender roles, and because he's a boy.
by Misses Sexy Ass Nigger September 22, 2015
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A set of social roles that have developed over a long period of time and have allowed mankind to prosper into a society that treats people equally. While equality isn't perfect gender roles have no rationally explainable play in it's obstruction.
Gender roles, simply said are nature's most practical answer to efficient sharing of the work load.

Nature doesn't care about feelings, it doesn't care about what you think is right or wrong.
It only cares for survival, evolution and prosperity.

However, since men love women they have allowed and helped them to abolish gender roles to a certain degree and certain countries. This has drastically increased the rate of suicide, depression and other mental impairments.

The vast majority of people, without gender roles, are not happy. Some selected individuals stand to benefit from it, that are happy with it.

The moment a goverment can not support this artifical gender-neutral environment anymore and people are on their own, gender roles will be back in full force and people will be happy about it.

Just because people have different responsibilities, different things they are better at than others doesn't mean that they are less important.
Because ten-thousand-something people didn't like gender roles they forcefully subjected Millions and Millions of people to their pseudo-scientic ideology.
by JustKeepingItRealMan March 8, 2019
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A small individual loaf of bread that may considers itself to be male, female, or neither.
It doesn't matter if you don't believe that kaiser gender roles are women. Using their preferred pronoun is just the polite thing to do.
by Hlalakar June 6, 2020
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Something that defines a person based on their genitals. Something we should also wipe out, as it is also the root cause of a lot of things, like gender dysphoria, homophobia, etc.
1: Girls wear dresses, boys wear suits. It’s just simpler if girls are girls and boys are boys.
2: Actually, wouldn’t it be simpler if we stopped enforcing gender roles?
by shshshizuku December 20, 2020
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One of the most outdated, sexist and harmful things in our current societal climate. All it ever does is put young, impressionable youth up to impossible standards based on their genders and sex.
Felix: “Unfair! I just got the shit beaten out of me for playing with dolls and liking pink!”

Twilight: “People always tell me I’m ugly for not being feminine enough!”

Etta: “I just got expelled — for wearing PANTS!”

Well, some of the examples might be exaggerated, but that doesn’t change the fact that gender roles are toxic and need to die a painful death.
by Twilight Skye January 28, 2018
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