serial: serious. Serial is as serious as serial killers. So serious - more serious than cereal. Not as funny as cereal, but more concerned.
usu. in response: exp:

Richard, I'm pregnant!
Are you serial?
Holy rusted metal batman!
Are you serial?
by dueEast June 07, 2006
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a gun's serial number...often scraped off to make the gun harder to trace
"serial killers tote guns without the serials"
--Streetlife in Rules (Iron Flag, Wu-Tang Clan)
by dubhex February 01, 2008
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Short for serial number. Often used for an illegal method of registering a program one does not wish to pay for.
I got a serial for photoshop last night and it worked perfectly.
by Invalid H. User April 23, 2003
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being very serious; dead serious.
John: "I scored with Kelly last night, it was TIGHT! man!"
Jeff: "You serial?"
John: "Hell yeah!"
Jeff: "With trix?" (aka: you're bullshitting)
John: 'No, I'm for real!"
Jeff: "Dam, mofo! Hell yeah!"
by Olgie March 30, 2010
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