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Skateboarding shoes that can survive a nuclear holocaust, and usually have before they finally make it across the Atlantic. Always look dated, and will never wear out.
Argh! Elverys got more Vans in and they seem to be 1982 stock!
by StrokeCity December 06, 2004

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A large quantity of food from Abrakebabra, Supermacs, or similar fast food chain taken either before of half way through a night out on the lash. The purpose is to temporarily reduce drunkness or slow the process of getting drunk to increase the amount of alchohol consumable.
Jaysus lads, I need some soakage or I'll never get drunk enough to get me hole
by StrokeCity October 10, 2005

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A small adapter you use to connect two male or two female pinned/socketed cables of the same type together. You pervs.
"hey, toss me that serial gender bender, will you?"
by StrokeCity February 24, 2006

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The wallet or pocket full of 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins you have after a night out down the local. €4.05 pints make this even worse than normal.
"Ah jaysus Marty, my wallet is full of post-pub shrapnel again"
by StrokeCity December 25, 2005

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A person with red hair, a ginge.
Oi! You! Rusty nuts!
by StrokeCity August 29, 2005

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Ultra-slow, overly graphical Linux desktop enviroment. Default in SuSE, Lycoris, and other distros generally aimed at the new user.
"I use KDE because I want my computer to feel like Windows 2000 on a 486-DX2"
by StrokeCity October 15, 2004

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