A girl blessed with the misfortune of a long life of mispronunciation of her name and will eventually quit caring about it because people are too stupid to get it
Person: So you're name is Renae?

Rena: No, it's pronounced Rena.

Person: So Reenai?

Rena: Fuck it, whatever.
by MysticScribe January 18, 2015
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Rena is an intelligent and quirky girl. She gets weirdly emotional about things but can be as tough and loyal as a bear to the ones she loves most. Rena also is very understanding of what the people around her need. She is amazing at connecting with someone on an emotional level and will always make you laugh. Rena has a GREAT sense of humor and will try to always use her smiles when someone is upset or down. Rena also would never ever tell a soul your secret. She is very trustworthy and would never leave you in dark times. Her eyelashes are long and beautiful and has freckles that are sprinkled all across her cheeks! She has always been insecure by how she looks but always tells her friends how beautiful they look instead. She likes rainy days, stationary, painted toes. Rena is very weird and crazy once you get to reallllly know her but can be super shy and introverted at first. Never lie to a Rena, she will be able to call you out IMMEDIATELY. aside from that, Rena has sparkling hazel eyes that shine in the light. They squint when she smiles and when she shows her beautiful teeth. Rena can get annoying, fidgety, and a bit -too- emotional, in addition to maybe overly angry, somewhat talkative, bossy, or sarcastic, Rena will be there whenever you need a helping hand to get you through dark times. Everyone needs a Rena in their life! :) 💕
Yuko: Rena, do you want to go get Italian with me?
Rena: *fidgets to find phone in very VERY cluttered purse packed with crap* yeah! That sounds fun let me just uhh *while scavenging for phone, old gum sticks to hand* ew! Uh nevermind, yeah like I was saying that sounds great! *Wipes gum on black skinny jeans bought at hot topic* so um wanna actually order-in Italian?

*Mumbles* hehe sorry, not really the socializing type -_-
by Perplexedplexiglass August 9, 2018
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Rena is so amazing because she has the best smile and her name is really unique :) shes always really nice. Usually tall and obsessed with the colour blue, just like the sea.
by ML<3<3 May 2, 2012
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The best person you’ll meet. She’s funny, curious, loving, kind, and just amazing. When your upset they will always know how to cheer you up and will instantly make you’re day better.
Love you Rena

From you’re best friend,

by Lovekayley55 October 14, 2019
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An Awesomeeeeee person who is pretty, nice funny and nice and most of all AWESOMEE . She could not hurt a fly cuz she too nice....
by Puppies2000 January 13, 2017
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Short for the Greek name 'Irene' meaning Peace. Rena is funny, smart and a great friend. Rena always makes people laugh, and she is usually quite tanned with dark hair which men find beautiful.

Can be a bossy boots sometimes but good friends love that about Rena. Rena is a very strong person who doesn't care what people think. If anyone knows a person called Rena, you will definitely have some amazing memories.
Rena is such an amazing person!
by greatdefinitionxxx December 4, 2011
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A girl who is randomly always attacked by mosquitoes. It doesn’t matter where she is or what time it is, she has a mosquito bite.
Dang, how many mosquito bites do you have? I didn’t know you were a Rena.

We need Rena on this camping trip to attract l the mosquitos and protect us.
by Garlique May 22, 2021
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