17 definitions by Steve H.

Junk food consumed when one has the munchies brought on by intoxication or the influence of narcotics.
"Damn man, I'm starving...let's get some doperfood!"
by Steve H. March 18, 2005
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Battestar Galactica - Used to refer to either the cult sci-fi show in the 70s or the sweet new one that began in the early '00s.
BSG is on right after Atlantis Friday nights on Sci-Fi.
by Steve H. May 20, 2005
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1) The character in a role-playing game who is extremely effective in combat.
2) A video gamer who regularly lays waste to all of his opposition.
"Mike was kicking my ass in Halo 2 - he's totally the deathmaster."
by Steve H. March 18, 2005
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Free food provided by an employee of a restaurant.
Dude, I'm starving and I'm broke. Hook me up with some food del freeness,
by Steve H. March 18, 2005
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A role-playing game enthusiast who makes it his life's work to memorize every obscure rule in the game. Usually owns every book and supplement for the game in question. Often uses obscure rules to show up other gamers.
"Mike knows like every tiny little thing about that game...total rules lawyer."
by Steve H. March 18, 2005
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A pseudo-intellectual term meaning to burn, frequently due to arson.
After throwing a molotov cocktail at that shack, it conflagrated quite nicely.
by Steve H. March 22, 2005
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-adj- curvy, having curves
That woman has a the skenda goin' on.
by Steve H. February 26, 2004
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