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A gender bender is a person who seeks to define gender expression outside of the binary terms of man and woman.

This person may express their gender in a variety of ways such as cross-dressing and not adhereing to stereotypical, traditional, and/or cultural ideals and practices for their gender.

The person often believes in the thought system of gender and sex being separate. A person can be one sex, but express a gender that is usually not associated with that sex.

May also use gender neutral pronouns such as ze and hir.

Explore the concepts of femininity and masculinity with freedom.
Alex is a gender bender. Ze likes to play around with gender expression through clothes, hair styles, and attitudes. Ze doesn't let anyone define what hir gender is.
by boidragon January 22, 2007

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In the lesbian and/or queer community this word describes two bois who enter in a relationship with one another. Since they both are masculine in a boyish way, they resemble a gay man relationships, although the two partners are both biologically female.
Wow, look at those faggy boidykes!
by boidragon January 22, 2007

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