facebook status-(n.) a way to get people to ask comment or feel for someone without them directly saying, "I want people to know about what I am doing and ask me about it"
facebook status:
I am so tired right now.

oh what were you doing that made you tired?

facebook status:
I am so upset.

awe why?

facebook status:
I cant believe i just did that

OMG! are you okk??
by ramsfootball599 November 28, 2009
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Uh, where it says on facebook what you're doing right now.
Check out Oprah's facebook status today. She's still talking about how fat she got.
by newsvava February 10, 2009
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A thing on facebook that tells the world what you are thinking about at the moment. Most of the time it is filled with a bunch of shit from whiny emo kids and spoiled brat teenage girls that worship their cell phone more than God. And once in a while a college hangover or some "hard" homework assignment to bitch about lets say you have to read pages 349-427 in your history book. Big deal.

But sometimes you have something interesting worth talking about, such as I got a new Ford Mustang but 98% involves pissing and moaning. Worst with women with PMS.
Typical facebook status updates: I lost my phone :(

New phone :)
Call me or text me...I'm bored :(
FML :'(
Had a kickass partay last night
I love McDonalds
Dear phone, please come back!anni
What you don't see too often:
Learned a few song on m guitar today
by Kyle 230 May 15, 2010
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A facebook status is where whiny teenagers go to write about how they have 'lost all their friends' or about how their 2 day relationship ended. Many teenagers compain about "twelvies" post annoying statuses, when in actual fact, they are being a "twelvie" themselves. Adults don't really write much in their statuses. It is mostly annoying shared pictures.
"Ugh, i have to write a facebook status about how my boyfriend dumped me."
by meowo May 26, 2014
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A feature of facebook which enables insecure upper middle class girls from the suburbs to make themselves feel heard, popular and befriended.

*status* "Why does life suck so much?"

*status* "Never give up on love <3"

Clearly, a girl trying to appeal to a large audience, in the hopes of getting recognition, and attention from her peers. The desire for the feeling of recognition and ultimatley importance, is why these kinds of status's exist on facebook.
Angelina: I can't believe my boyfriend broke up with me, i loved him!!! it was our third day together. I thought it was true love :(

Kate: OMG Angelina, i feel sooooo bad

*Angelina writes facebook status*

"I thought it was true love </3"

Attention seeking complete.
by skizzardthelizzard October 30, 2010
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Using ones Facebook status to send a subliminal message to friends.
I.e. Stacey: "I'm sick of making an effort with people, when they don't care, I'll see how long it takes for them to call me!"
Lisa: "is that me? Are you sending me a subliminal facebook message? I was blow drying my hair"
Stacey: "no, not at all, it's this other chick from work"
Lisa: "sure.."

Karen: "The guy I like just winked at me on the bus! Hope he asks me out!!!"
Joel: "Are you sending me a subliminal Facebook status?"
Karen: "maybe ;)"
Joel: "no chance..what's you friends number?"

Jess: "I hate everyone and everything!!"
Sean: "Subliminal Facebook status?"
by Funkyjmr74 November 10, 2011
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The act of completely spamming a status, video and/or picture with comment so long that the observer must scroll multiple times, or take various minutes to comprehend the amount of rape. Also constitutes conversations between two or more people with an inadvertent spam.
dude, my friend Peter's status has over 100 comments, and his status was Peter is bored. He just got facebook status raped
by Haskoo February 10, 2009
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