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Angelinas are some of the most beautiful women you will ever meet. They are also incredible lovers, your the luckiest man on the planet if you score one of these girls because they are the whole package. Perfect body, beautiful face, sparkling eyes, cute smile, super sweet, super chill etc. Angelinas are super loyal to their friends and their partners they will always stick up for you when needed. Angelinas tend to be really creative and go into really creative fields such as acting, modeling, art etc.

Personality traits > loyal, funny, sweet, chill, legendary, cute, perfect
I love Angelina so much
by Pinktigerzzz February 24, 2018
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She really pretty, and if u mess with her... I feel sorry for u. She loves her friends and he bestfriends, she will stands by them in everything! Her old friends,, she don't care about them. She so sick of drama but for sum reason people go to her if they need to talk. She is so beautiful and she cherishes her bestfriends !
Bestfriend:Yes that's my BESTFRIEND!❀️

Guy: Damn I wanna get close to her!Angelina
by Elle'swords August 24, 2017
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a hot girl that many dream to be friends with. Angelina can come off as rude but is super kind when you get to know her. do not get an angelina mad she will make you pay for it. and lastly angelina is super hot so you if you get one keep her because there will always be some one else waiting to take her.
omg angelina is so pretty I wish I was her.
by heyohlikeityaknow March 19, 2017
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a super cute girl that is also super friendly. Every boy should have a crush on her and every girl should want to be friends with her. She may be very quiet, but she is very funny when you get to know her
Angelina is so cute, I have a crush on her
Me too!
by hotdude1 January 30, 2017
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Angelina's are funny, crazy, outgoing, and beautiful. She treasures all her friends and loves every single person she knows. Girls love her and guys want her.
Girl 1: There's Angelina!
Boy 1: I think im in love with her...
by emojisrlife May 09, 2015
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Angelina is a perfect girl she usually shy at first but once she gets to know people she goes wild she a party animal and knows fashion when she sees it every girl wants to be her but she's not only perfects she kΓ­Ε„d Shes there for u when u need her and when Somone is being a bully she'll stand up for u , another thing is that all the boys want Angelina but she's a hard one to get I wish I had an Angelina she's perfect !!
*hey u see that girl over there Angelina she perfect

Ya ik I wish I was her *
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