is a person who watches people but isn’t a stalker
marget:what is she doing why she staring at everyone
crystal: oh she’s an observer, it’s not creepy at all
by INeedLikeSomeTurtlesMilk April 19, 2018
She observed everything that was going on around her, then she made her move
by @surrenderwasapose December 28, 2017
An individual that percieves details that are most times left unonticed.
Person A: Have you met Sailesh Naidu and Nhu-Mai Simon?
Person B: Yeah, those two are beastinly observant.
by Sailesh Naidu August 4, 2006
Driving erratically from the result of looking around too much.
Observeering results in crossing the yellow line or going into the ditch.
by Design diva July 19, 2012
To watch carefully especially with attention to details or behavior; pobserve, observant, observative
Wow, Mike that was really observative.
by Ada February 24, 2004
Observative is a totally real word that is most definitely not made up. It can be used to describe someone who is making an observation and therefore can be described as observative.
Person 1: "Yep, this cry is Magmortar's and not Volcanion's."
Person 2: "Woah, you're so observative!"
by oeegg March 31, 2021