When someone or something has been used and is currently played out.
by aratnottus February 25, 2016
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A phrase given by a female to indicate that she does not care about your sleepiness , but indeed her own, hinting that she wants to go to sleep.
Are you tired yet Carson?
by carsonjclayton February 7, 2019
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Showed up real early at a swim meet the other day, this guy says, "you look tired". What he meant to say was, "you look like shit".
by 713hdj August 25, 2011
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it means when someone says some BS or capppin
Sum1:Lil Pump's better than juice wrld

You:Yea You Poppin My tires
by vLoneHBK- July 29, 2021
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Essex boomer phrase.

Often used after hearing someone waffle, say or ask something trivial.
Also used when someone says something stupid in front of you that is obviously offensive and will anger you/ third party. Essentially a threat.
TriviaPerson: says something trivial and hardly worth the breath.
Direct, collected and deep Person: "are you tired of living? Son?"
by Daonebest September 28, 2021
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