To roll up a blunt with weed.
"yo you want me to scroll that blunt real quik?"
by Scroll Masta April 12, 2007
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verb. To request (more of demand) something of someone in the name of out-ranking them. Originated from a fraternity or sorority's scroll, a list of all members, by rank and number.
1: Pick up my gum wad.
2: No way, dude! That's gross.
1: I scroll you.
2: Fine...
by Mark July 24, 2004
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A paper or document that contains privileged information which may have personal value to oneself.

anitsirhc- What should we drink?
molas- hmm not sure, do you want to take out your scroll?
anitsirhc- yeah give me a second, I wrote it last night on my school notes.
molas- cool.
by TheGreatOne aka Allah April 27, 2008
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To steal something someone says or a picture of theirs
"Yo dude, u totally scrolled me wtf?!"

Or, when someone steals your pic on facebook and keeps it for themselves
by kushty October 4, 2009
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1. A shortening of the term "scroll up," which became popular shortly after the advent of text messaging, meaning to point out something that has just been typed or said, and the person you are chatting with is either too wasted or just plain stupid to recall.

2. To tell someone to pay attention - or get one's head out of one's ass.

3. To flip one's shit on someone. Similiar to saying "snap" or the more archaic "face" as a quick response to acknowledge that individual just got served.
"Yo b - when we gonna hit that shit?"
-"Scroll nigga - I just told yo ass we'd hit that shit after I gets me some foods ta eat - my ass is starvin!"

"Hey Toke - where'd yo ass get that bag of weed from?"
-"Sroll bitch - I told yo ass I's gots it from Tyrone - aaiiight."

"You better not be slappin' my sista Coco 'round no mo"
-"Shit, I ain't be smackin' dat bitch."
"Then it must be her other man - OOOHHH - SCROLL!"
by Victa E December 17, 2004
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When you are wearing shorts or jeans,the act of rolling one's scrotum between thumb and forefinger in an effort to relieve an itchy ballbag.
"I had to perform a scroll the other day while riding my bike because my ballbag was so itchy."

or, in Aussie Terms...

"My nutsack was on fire and I had to pull over and perform an emergency scroll."
by brolander March 17, 2009
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