A polite way of saying hell fucking no to (but not limited to) a request or offer while trying to come up with a reasonable excuse as to why.
Aaron: hey dude wanna go on a double date with me and jen on friday??
friend: I'll see.

Aaron: hey dude can you help me with this assignment for school?
friend: I'll see.
by oscar childe October 5, 2009
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We are in a sexual relationship ,He said to me when I was leaving work I'll see you
He said to me when I was leaving I'll see you
by Nikki85 August 27, 2021
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Something you say before leaving a room after making a really bad pun or joke that has everyone blankly staring at you.
"I was taught to never iron clovers. You don't want to press your luck."
"I'll see myself out."
by Someone who kinda exists August 13, 2022
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A phrase used to lament the fallen, meaning that the speaker will see the person in heaven.
RIP man. I'll see you at the crossroads.
by Tossrock July 23, 2006
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1. A term used by an individual who has not quite made up their mind on a question they have been asked.
2. A response given by an individual who is asked to do something with another individual. This response usually indicates that the person is unwilling or unable to confirm their participation with the other individual, or just doesn't want to participate and doesn't like telling people "no thanks".
Example 1:
Person A: "Hey Mac, want to go to the movies tonight?"
Person B: "I'm not really sure what I'm doing tonight, but I'll see what's up!"

Example 2:
Person A: "Hey Mac, we are going to the bar tonight. Want to join?"
Person B: "Yea, I'll see what's up..."
by Seth15599 July 15, 2011
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-A phrase used to politely and indirectly refuse a lame or unwanted invitation given by a friend or stranger without totally blowing them off in their face or over the phone.
FRIEND: "Hey the guys and I are going to get a poker game going tonight, $5 buy in, are you gamed?"
YOU: "Oh really? dude that sounds legit, I'LL SEE WHATS UP because im kinda tired."
by Frank steezey November 19, 2010
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When one can't wait for someone to fail and they'll be watching for it with delight. Moreover, one may try to tip the scales, so that they "see you in the fall." It's a double entendre that displays one's readiness for shadenfraude.

It's also a fine sendoff after a paragraph of why someone messed-up, and the dolled consequences they'll receive. After which, one writes the phrase, making them wonder if it was being kind or rubbing it in.
You messed with the wrong guy mister, I'll see you in the fall.
by RaptorShapedCactus September 20, 2020
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