a message that goes straight to your subconscious mind and your conscious mind doesn’t register it.
tv advertisers use subliminal messages in ads to promote products.
by leesy July 22, 2019
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the feeling of uncontrollable ecstacy that simply overcomes your body and allows you to feel nothing else but happiness. the word suddenly seems brighter, all the problems of your life, fade away, and for a few brief moments, or perhaps even days, you are one with the happiness, you are in fact that feeling of ecstacy and it is blatantly obvious to everyone around you.
simply being around her, i cannot helpmyself, i only feel a sense of absolute sublimination each time i see her, and especially each time i hold her.
by Thomas Lyons January 30, 2005
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Crazy state of mind in which you cannot control your thoughts and responses properly. Usually after smoking 15 or more marijuana cigarrettes, or sniffing 8 oz. of cocaine.
"I am so high right now, it's like... I'm fucking subliminal dude... FUCK WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU.. theres.. A FUCKING BIRD... whoaaaa... it was just a potato chip dude..." The person who is high off of marijuana or cocaine, usually tends to fall over and drool on his relative or friend after saying fucking crazy shit.
by Matt January 19, 2005
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The art of subliminal messaging, whether it be in social media, entertainment, or other forms of stimulation.
Using the Consequentialist method of grading ethicality, it stands to reason that subliminalism, while considered a shady way of doing business, is morally justifiable because of the singular fact that to some degree it works.
by Roldin January 25, 2016
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a feeling of complete and unrelenting happiness or joy
Oh snap dude, I just saw my girlfriend and I'm in a state of total sublimination.
by Thomas Lyons February 19, 2004
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A criminal who is not consciously aware of being a criminal.
He takes whatever he needs and does whatever he wants, he’s a subliminal criminal.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 07, 2021
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