where one partner ends the relationship when the other still wanted to stay together.
mike dumped me last night, im gutted
by pattypoopy January 23, 2006
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When an individual decides to end their relationship with their partner
Man:yo bitch, ur dumped
Woman: u cant say tht 2 me homie

*bitch fight*
by Ellee-xx February 10, 2008
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dump, dumped: a vehicle that is lowered to where it would be too crazy. this term originated from the norcal.
I seen this 180 that dumped to hell.
I'm gonna dump my shit tonight.
by DaNgxXAXxLaNg April 29, 2004
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To shoot off rounds from your gun
Them niggaz tried me so I dumped on them niggaz.
by Travis April 21, 2005
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Vehicle with extreme lowering.
"Damn, your car is DUMPED!
by Jay June 2, 2004
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To induce an e pill.
I dumped at the rave tonight.

Michael double dumped and was taken to hospital.
by Frank101 November 12, 2005
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When you short a stock, then get up and take a massive dump, only to come back to see that the stock has gone down a lot (dumped)... so you make a lot of monies.
Tom decided to short AAPL, then felt a little queasy from his Chicken Tikka Masala lunch, so he took a massive poo. AAPL's stock price decided to take a dump simultaneously. Now that is what I call a good ol fashioned Dump and Dump
by A.BRUNNY April 18, 2012
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