the smartest girl you will ever find, always get 4.0s, a great bff, you would want to see her everyday, she is a loving person, shes the best, she will be there when you need her, you will never find anyone like her, she is unique and special, she is a artist, shes very talented, she will never give up. she will be the best girl friend you will ever find.all you need is anni, never forget the beautiful anni you know, you will regret it for you whole life. she is the only person you need in your life
that must be anni, she is so beautiful, i want to date her. she is one of a kind
by drama foreva July 20, 2015
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an amazing swimmer, a good friend, and a hottie! (; Usually has brown hair and brown eyes. One of a kind!
Dang! That girl is such an Anni! She swims FAST!
by someonegreat2 January 2, 2011
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50+ people : yo bro happy anni , love youu

me : thanks gang preciate it / thank u / thanks love you too

50+ people : what you doing for your birthday

me : alot lol

50+ people : lol / ohrd / ok / ohh / enjoy ya day

me : yeah / lol / whats funny lmao / tyy

-by rimhak.. ifykyk
by mirgeez June 26, 2023
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She's amazingly talented and knows it, but is afraid to show it; afraid what people might say to her. She's also very beautiful but doesn't believe it and needs to be reminded. A real jewel and unique; kindness and compassion walk beside her. She doesn't like people left out or feel lonely by themselves; she can feel what people feel, when she steps on someone they both get hurt. Sometimes people say she's too sweet you could eat her...even girls ;) She's loyal and will always stand up for you and be protective...she will gladly be the shoulder to for you cry on and silently comfort you.
"hey have you seen the Annie?"
"who are you talking about?...Oh!The girl who stood up for you in class?"
"yes I need to thank her"
by Roxannie September 29, 2017
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Annie is probably the realist female you will ever meet in your life, she’s a really upbeat person who would truly go the extra mile just to make you smile on a sad day. She’s known for her smart mouth though usually quite short don’t underestimate her ... she’s a feisty little ball of madness, but it just makes her more adorable, if you are lucky enough to meet an Annie, 10/10 you will fall in love with her, whether thats in a friendship way or more, she has an impact on people and would do anything for the ones she loves.
I couldn’t live without this girl, she’s my Annie.
by itsmereally February 26, 2019
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Annie is a shy but very sweet girl. She'll stick by your side no matter what and you can 100 percent trust her. She finds it hard to make friends at first but once she has them she'll start showing her funny and brave side. She hates posting selfies on instagram and snapchat prefering to post flash mirror selfies and pictures of her pets. From the outside she seems quite and timid but her friends on the inside knows she can be wild with hillarous jokes.
''When I first met Annie I was like oh shit she's quite asf''
''But then I realised she's acc so funny and fun.''
by anymous bitch uWu July 20, 2019
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To be wondrous, angelic, and inspiring. To be blindingly beautiful, gorgeous, and dazzling. A woman so astonishing that one's heart cannot beat fast enough at the mere mention of her name. A woman so brilliant that your heart leaps out of your chest at the mere sight of her. A woman who tingles your senses at the mere sound of her. She is a living, walking, breathing defibrillator. Her mere attention fills you with an overwhelming warmth that makes you want to be only with her and hold her, hug her, and kiss her.

She is dazzlingly ravishing, fascinating, splendid, sublime, sumptuous, sensational, smashing and heavenly. She is transcendentally impressive, extraordinary, and endearing. She is incredibly, astoundingly, and amazingly pretty, stunning, hot, sexy, cute, adorable, cool, funny, caring, protective, smart, talented, and accomplished.

She is drop dead, Earth-shatteringly gorgeous. Unparalleled - she drives you wild. Such a work of art, that, in a millennium, historians will look back on her and say she was the definition of beauty in the 3rd millennium. She is a GODDESS.

She has the most mesmerizing and beautiful eyes the world has seen. The prettiest and yet the cutest, most adorable face you've seen. You are incredibly attracted to her.

She is your inspiration and the inspiration for all that is good. The Sun rises to watch her open her eyes. The Earth spins only because her beauty and intellect leave it spinning.
"What just happened? Where am I?"

"Annie walked by. You fainted."
by loveforce October 14, 2013
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