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A website owned by the CIA used to spy on dumbasses who do all the work for "big brother". Appeals to brainwashed tools who are stupid enought to be concerned with fashion and trend and sports so getting them to fall for facebook and twitter and cellphones isn't that hard.
Sign up for facebook and let the US government know exactly what you're up to at all times! Remember to use your real name! And get used to all that farming! Once the Bilderbergs take over all you're going to have is dirt.
by j-rocka1337 July 10, 2010
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facebook addict #1: dude you know that hot girl who lives upstairs, i totally got her screen name and cell phone number off of facebook
facebook addict #2: awesome, now you can totally stalk her
by jim March 08, 2005
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A social network website that evolved in February of 2004. Is a waste of peoples time to chat about nonsense, other websites hi5, myspace, twitter, tagged, badoo, etc. If used usefully can benefit several people and businesses from a financial/business perspective.
What website that is so universally known?
Oh, that is facebook. Its the same thing, just a different name, its like myspace.
by david faustino April 04, 2012
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buy the domain for your travel vlog
A website which never works, always breaks and has tonnes of privacy issues!
What website shall i join to get bored out my brains and have my photos and private info stolen? Facebook will fit perfectly for that!
by facebookbites June 24, 2010
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the place to show your friends how much better your life is than theirs
*my public facebook wall post* how amaaaazing was last night!!

*another's public facebook wall post* I know right haha xxxx
by thesmileyboy October 01, 2009
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