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One of the Ford Motor Company's pride and joy, the Mustang is well known for their classic years in the mid 1960s to the early 1970s. Expierenced a lull in from that point until the early to mid 1990s when the car got back on the road to recovery.

Although a prime example of American muscle, the Mustang was also popular as a mid-powered cruiser.
"Ah, shit! It's the fuzz! Lucky for us, we're in a Mustang! Floor it, Louie!"
by kwashia February 03, 2005
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Fords number 1 performance car that has a huge variety of upgrades making it a fun and simple car to make extremely fast. A properly upgraded gt could smoke a chevy corvette.
When im done my ford mustang it will be sick, it will have shorty headers, off road mid pipes, paxton supercharger, 70mm throttle body, edelbrock intake, 3:73:1 gears and much more to list.
by tim harrold March 03, 2006
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a vehicle I own which I would race for slips against any of the fucksticks above who probably drive hondas with little neon lights
"I know your Mustang just kicked the holy hell out of my neat little tuner, but I need a car."
"Sorry asswipe, take the bus."
by Aaron December 08, 2003
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The best car ford has made. First manufactured in late 1964. Millions flocked to the showrooms, and dealers had to put them on lifts to keep them from getting damaged.Made Ford so much profit, Chevy scrambled to make the Camaro to compete with it. Could be a economy car, with an economical base 6- cylinder engine, a mid-priced v-8 fastback, or a drag racing, 450 horse shelby GT-500. Ford turned it into an old ladies car in the late 70's, but in the 90's, they brought back the performance side of the mustang.
Did you know engineers designed an independent rear suspension for the
Ford Mustang,but Ford was too
cheap to put it on higher models?
by muscle car fan July 10, 2008
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A very fast AMERICAN car unlike little crap hondas and acura's
Honda Owner:Look at that mustang he's goin 80 maybe we should race him.
Mustang owner:suck my big dick little honda you can't never ever eva eva eva step up biiiiiitch.hahaha nods head* at honda
by robert February 14, 2005
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A car that was originally made for the FEMALE secretary so she could have an affordable sports car. So yes, deny it all you want but it's a girl's car. The men that decide to drive these cars like to pull up to other cars (usually what they call"ricers") or any other cars that are obviously slower than them and rev their engines and try to race them. It makes no since why they think they have to race slower cars, but it's probably because they're too scared to race anyone that could beat them.
2 guys in Ford Mustang: "Pull up next to that 4 cylinder Honda Civic (not tricked out or anything) and let's race them!"

**pulls up and the driver of the Honda Civic ends up being a young chick or an elderly woman**

**guys in the Mustang peel out when the light turns green and take off down the road looking stupid**
by YeahItsMe July 03, 2013
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- Very powerful car and gas guzzler.
- Severely overrated car that people give too much credit for.
- A Mustang would smoke any economy car. But an economy car is designed and built for convenience. A Mustang is built for performance.
- Usually being compared to completely different car classes. Such as economy cars like the Civic. The reason why people compared them to Civics is because Civics don't put up a challenge. People are usually afraid to compare the Mustang to the Camaro.
- Drag and straight away racing car (No skill is really needed just pressing the gas, unlike drifting and cornering racing, skill of steering and shifting is required).
- A car that has not so good handling and can easily be out maneuvered by cars such as the MR2, Impreza, Evo, Trueno, RX-7. Yeah that's right, you Mustang fanboys may have more power but any tuner import would out maneuver your over powered asses, you wouldn't stand a chance in a course with lots of turns.
Mustang Fanboy #1: I like my brand new Mustang, I easily beat an old Asian lady in an 88' Hyundai in a straight-away race.
Mustang Fanboy #2: Dude, that is so cool. I've beaten alot of cars with my Mustang as well, like this one guy in a 96' Accord on the freeway, I smoked him by just pressing the gas. He was on cruise control at 65mph, and I easily beat him *The guy in the Accord was minding his own business and didn't even know the Mustang was racing him*.
Mustang Fanboy #1: Geez man, you got mad skill like me because you own a Mustang. I've beaten an 89' Corolla, 99' Civic DX, a rusty Sentra, some Geo car, and a kid on his bike, all by a 3 mile margin.
Mustang Fanboy #2: Dude, we are so cool.
by The Truth May 06, 2005
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