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Using ones Facebook status to send a subliminal message to friends.
I.e. Stacey: "I'm sick of making an effort with people, when they don't care, I'll see how long it takes for them to call me!"
Lisa: "is that me? Are you sending me a subliminal facebook message? I was blow drying my hair"
Stacey: "no, not at all, it's this other chick from work"
Lisa: "sure.."

Karen: "The guy I like just winked at me on the bus! Hope he asks me out!!!"
Joel: "Are you sending me a subliminal Facebook status?"
Karen: "maybe ;)"
Joel: "no chance..what's you friends number?"

Jess: "I hate everyone and everything!!"
Sean: "Subliminal Facebook status?"
by Funkyjmr74 November 10, 2011
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