1) an adjective describing a person prone to complaining.
2) Somebody who seems determined to gripe.
3) Petulant.
4) Everybody who defined 106,900 Iraqis
I mean they were ALL whiny.
by Cap'n Awesome May 13, 2005
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Less vulgar (or typo) variation of "whiny cunt", one who complains needlessly about frivolous things such as fantasy football dues. Used to insult one's friends when they disagree with your idiocy.
Fuck you whiny counts! I'm shutting this MOTHER FUCKER DOWN!
by Captain Walleye December 4, 2018
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A gamer who just doesnt shut the hell up.The whining usually begins after the gamer gets killed continuously,is the victim of camping or any other considered "cheating", after realizing he just sucks compared to everybody else, or just not wanting to play anymore.
Whiny Gamer(after being killed 5 times):Man, i hate this map...I can never find my way to the battle..(thats why you are getting killed, right?)

Whiny Gamer:(after being beaten):Man, you most definately cheat.How can you like, kill me like 50 times in a row without me hitting you?(n00b)

Whiny Gamer:(after getting tired of losing):Let just go outside, man.Its beautiful out there.(Its pouring rain)
by NarutoUzamaki7 November 23, 2005
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One who complains, moans, bitches, or is an all around annoying dramatic pussy.
Anyone who attends, is affiliated with, or pulls for the university of north carolina at chapel hill. If you fall under this category, you're a whiny little pussy bitch. What a whiny bitch you are...
by haterofwhinybitches January 27, 2010
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the magical bone which whiny younger brothers all possess. The whiny bone is always broken, pulled, torn, twisted, bruised, sunburnt, or has nasty heat rash.
My little brother was complaining about how cold his whiny bone was, until someone ACTUALLY got hurt
by townes van zandt August 27, 2009
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Someone who cries when they don't get their way.
Is TO complaining about his QB again? What a Whiny McWhinerson
by jtm78 September 2, 2007
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