sym. for sike
This person came up to me and asked me for money and i was like "you thought!"
by Kathrine12345 August 31, 2008
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when somebody thought they did something but they didn’t, when their joke lame or didn’t give what was supposed to be gave .
girl: “don’t play with me, i’ll beat your ugly a** h**while you looking like a dog 😘. period tf”
me/you: girl stfu you thought you ate that💀z
by okay because September 24, 2021
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A phrase that, when said to someone, means that said person did something while expecting to be hyped up or praised for what they did when, in fact, no one is or what they did is just not as cool as they think it is.
Person: Girl, your talking like that to me when you got those goofy ass yeezy foam runners on.
Other Person: You thought you ate that.
by arioop June 26, 2022
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If this is said to you it means the person that said it to you doesn’t think you did a good job as you thought you would.
Girl stfu you thought you ate that..
by Saruna October 5, 2021
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Sike you thought is like a term used when a person is joking around or tried to make you believe something that wasn’t true.
For example; bob: Can I copy off your work? Joe: sure (almost hands the paper) Sike you thought!!
by Izzzyywpl November 22, 2017
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When someone tells someone something is going happen but than does not happen the person would say Bitch You Thought.
Bob: Im going to beat you in this video game Seth.
*Bob Looses Game*
Seth:Bitch You Thought!
by Bobyellow August 9, 2017
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thinking you ate a argument but didn’t even touch the plate. you thought you did that, you thought that someone was going to hype you up for that.

girl1: ew.. your wearing like 10 pounds of makeup. I could never! Am I right girls?

girl2: you thought you ate that? like you actually believed . you ate? Only thing you ate is dirt.

girl3: ^^

everyone else: ^^
by user55533321 December 3, 2021
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